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Risk & Fraud Management



Risk & Fraud Management

If you believe fraud is a threat to you and your organisation, we are here to show you how internal control can assist in mitigating fraud risk.  Fraud can come in multiple scenarios and from various functions, including financial statement, operational fraud and corruption.  It is never easy to identify the face of fraud, but you can enhance the system to prevent and detect fraud.

Internal control is reckoned as an essential component in managing fraud risk. It can demonstrate how an organisation could bring down Fraud Risk systematically, within the operating system of people and IT. Let this two-day programme jointly organised by Management Development Institute of Singapore and Onitsha Business School, Anambra State show you how internal controls can be implemented effectively for core processes; procurement, cash receipt and disbursement, inventory and fixed assets.

  • provide participants with a basic understanding of risk management
  • learn and understand how to identify risk drivers in corporations and the different  levels of risk exposures
  • understand how risk management is a powerful tool for both strategic and tactical decisions
  • To advance intelligence base against fraud



The principal audiences for Risk and Fraud Management Seminar are:
1. Executives who establish strategic and operational priorities, select
courses of action and allocate resources.

2. Program Managers and Planners who turn executive decisions into actionable, implementable plans and oversee the day-to-day execution of these plans.

3. Operational Personnel who implement plans and programs using specific, tactical and operational risk management tools.

4. Risk and Decision Analysts who collect, assess, and present risk information to help executives make decisions, aid program managers and planners in explaining decisions and approaches to stakeholders, and assist operational personnel in connecting their work to the desired outcome.

5. Federal and State Ministries of Finance.

6. Federal, State and Local Government Agencies and Institutions

7. Security Operatives and Intelligence Network

8 Professional Bodies

9. Non Governmental Organisations

10. Banks and Other Financial Institutions


Course outline Day One
Time: 10.00a.m to 4.00p.m.
Lunch Break: 12.00noon to 1.00p.m.
1. What is Risk Management?

  • Definitions and basic concepts
  • Purpose of risk assessment
  • Importance of risk management

2. Risk Management Process

  • Identify the Risks.
  • Identify the Causes
  • Identify the Controls

3. Risk Management Options

  • Develop a Risk Management Plan
  • Strategy
  • Processes to address immediate and unforeseen risks
  • Mitigation
  • Tracking and Reporting

4. Advantages and limitations of various risk identification and assessment techniques
- Risk questionnaires and checklists
- Using a multi-disciplined team
- Expert judgment
-  Quantitative and Qualitative techniques
Day Two
Time: 9.00 a.m to 4.00p.m.
Lunch Break: 12.00 noon to 1.00p.m.
1. Fraud  Management
- Definition of fraud risk & types of fraud in major business processes
- Significance of fraud occurrence
- Reasons why organizations should manage fraud risk
- Establishing an anti-fraud culture & general anti-fraud controls
- Importance of an ethical corporate culture
- How to increase the level of employee fraud awareness in an organisation
2. Procurement Fraud

  • Knowledge: Gain knowledge and learn how to tackle procurement fraud/corruption head on
  • Understand: How to identify fraud in its many forms and how to mitigate against it
  • Confidence:  Supports improvement in personal performance to implement your own organisation procurement fraud strategy


 3. Essential Risk Management Leadership and Communication
- Assessment of capability, program, and operational performance, and the use of such assessments for resource and policy decisions.

- Internal Risk Management Communication

- External Risk Management Communication
 4. Presentation of Certificates and Awards
Day 3

Course Title Coverage
Risk & Fraud Management 3 Months
Fees Type Price
Application Fees: 30000
Tuition Fees:

Date:will be communicated soon

Seminar fee: N150, 000 per person

Venue: De Renaissance Hotel, 172 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Facilitators: Management Development Institute Singapore and Onitsha Business School Faculty.

NB: nill