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Crises Management Planning and Practice



Crises Management Planning and Practice

There are many events that will confront an organisation that needs to be resolved rapidly ranging from threats to the organisation’s reputation from the social media, labour disputes and enforcing the organisation culture to ensure organisational success. This seminar examines various approaches, models and theories including the traditional event approach to crises management and best fit practices relating to managing crises in an organisation. The seminar on Crises management planning and practice deals with proactive approaches to crises management across all levels in an organisation and explore how crises in the organisation can be effectively managed whilst crises management activities are integrated in the organisational setting to optimize organisational effectiveness.


  1. Introduction to Crises Management
  2. Crises Management Theories and models
  3. Approaches to crises management
  4. Crises leadership
  5. Examples of successful crises management
  6. Crises as opportunity

Course Title Coverage
Crises Management Planning and Practice
Fees Type Price
Application Fees: 30000
Tuition Fees:

Course fee: N180, 000

Venue: Onitsha Business School

Facilitators: Onitsha Business School faculty

NB: nill