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Building a High Performance Team



Building a High Performance Team

This seminar will teach participants how organizations need to apply an effective working theory to consciously and systemically build teamwork within their organization. Business executives realize that the lack of teamwork impacts top line and bottom line results. This seminar will examine how to achieve high-performance organizations in competitive circumstances. Real success in any rapidly changing business environment requires learning how to create and lead more effective teams. This seminar will discuss high performance theories that encompass, systemically, all aspects of organizational life, from creating the strategic vision and winning customers, to implementing and executing the processes to support the strategic vision.


  1. Fundamental theory on high performance teams
  2. Approaches to building high performance teams
  3. Developing an effective language –action relationship in the team
  4. Seven critical steps to building high performance teams
  5. Changing dysfunctional team work to high performance teams
  6. Developing interpersonal relationships in teams

Course Title Coverage
Building a High Performance Team 3 Months
Fees Type Price
Application Fees: 30000
Tuition Fees:

Course fee: N180, 000

Venue: Onitsha Business School

Facilitators: Onitsha Business School faculty

NB: nill