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Strategic Security Management in the Work place



Strategic Security Management in the Work place

The seminar on strategic security management in the workplace examines workplace violence issues, how to identify all the settings in which workplace violence normally occurs, sophisticated cyber attack preventive methods, insider threats, strategies on security monitoring for internal and external environments, threat intelligence assessment capabilities and incident response. This seminar will enable participants to understand the concept of pervasive, context-based monitoring and security information analytics. The seminar will help participants to evaluate potential threats to security in the workplace and what to do when potential risks are spotted in the work place.


  1. Work place violence issues
  2. Security Implications of digital work place.
  3. Developing intelligence driven assessment capabilities in the workplace
  4. Understanding the concept of insider threats
  5. External and internal threats to the organisation
  6. Strategic security monitoring in the work place

Course Title Coverage
Strategic Security Management in the Work place 3 Month
Fees Type Price
Application Fees: 30000
Tuition Fees:

Time: 9.00am – 4.00pm

Seminar fee: N150, 000

Facilitators: Onitsha Business School faculty.

NB: nill