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ABMA's Shipping and Logistics



ABMA's Shipping and Logistics

The shipping industry is an essential component of international trade playing an important role in establishing global ties between business organizations. Businesses today rely upon skilled individuals to efficiently distribute their products in order to compete and meet customer demands. ABMA’s shipping and Logistics qualifications will prepare students for a diverse and challenging career in the transport and logistics industry.

Level 4 Diploma

Mandatory Units

  • • Mercantile and Shipping Practice
  • • Principles of International Maritime Logistics
  • • Principles of Shipping and Insurance Management
  • • The Movement of Dangerous Goods
  • • Overseas Trade Law

Level 5 Advanced Diploma

Mandatory Units

  • • Management of Shipping Operations
  • • International Marine Cargo Management
  • • Management of the International Supply Chain and Logistics
  • • Financial Aspects of Shipping
  • • International Transport Geography

Level 6 Graduate Diploma

Mandatory Units

  • • Advanced Shipping Law
  • • Advanced Marine Insurance and Salvage
  • • The Economics of Maritime Operations
  • • Maritime Safety and Security
  • • International Maritime Transport Systems

Course Title Coverage
ABMA's Shipping and Logistics 6-12months
Fees Type Price
Application Fees: N30,000
Tuition Fees:
  • • Graduate Diploma- 200,000 (Per semester)
  • • Advance Diploma- 180,000 (Per semester)
  • • Diploma- 150,000 (Per semester)

NB: Null