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Established in the 1970s, the Institute of Commercial Management is the leading professional body for Commercial and Business Development staff working in the following key industry sectors

  • • Aerospace and Defense
  • • Construction
  • • Facilities Management
  • • Financial Services
  • • Government
  • • Information & Communication Technology
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Pharmaceuticals
  • • Petrochemicals
  • • Retailing & Distribution
  • • Sports Management
  • • Telecommunications
  • • Tourism & Hospitality
  • • Utilities

The Institute is also an international examining and Awarding body, providing globally recognised Awards for business and management students. In its capacity as a course developer and an examining and certifying Board, the Institute offers a wide range of professional and vocational Awards in Business, Management and related vocational areas. ICM programmes are designed to address the personal development and training needs of those wishing to enter the commercial sector and to support the continued development and workplace flexibility of those already in employment.

The Institute’s global services include the design, development and certification of business education and training programmes for education providers; the development and certification of tailored education and training programmes for the corporate sector, emerging industries and the global workforce and the examination, assessment and certification of students undertaking business, management and related vocational education programmes.

An acknowledged specialist in the design and development of progressive, practical and multi-functional programmes of study, the Institute works with a range of public and private sector clients including universities, business schools, colleges, training providers, International Development Agencies, government agencies and local authorities.


Accounting & Finance Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma
Business Management Graduate Diploma
Business Studies Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma
Commercial Management Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma | Graduate Diploma
Commercial Studies Certificate
Corporate Governance Diploma
Financial Services Certificate | Diploma
Hospitality Management Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma
Human Resource Development Diploma | Advanced Diploma
International Business Studies Certificate | Diploma
International Trade Certificate | Diploma
Journalism & Media Studies Diploma
Legal Studies Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma | Graduate Diploma
Management Studies Graduate Diploma
Managing Health & Safety Certificate | Diploma
Maritime Management Diploma | Advanced Diploma | Graduate Diploma
Marketing Diploma | Advanced Diploma | Graduate Diploma
Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations Diploma | Advanced Diploma
Office Management Certificate | Diploma
Professional Computing Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma
Project Management Advanced Diploma
Public Sector Management Diploma | Advanced Diploma
Retail Management Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma
Sales Management & Marketing Certificate | Diploma
Sports Management Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma
Tourism & Business Studies Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma

Course Title Coverage
ICM 6-12months
Fees Type Price
Application Fees: N30,000
Tuition Fees:
  • Post Graduate Diploma- N220,000 (Per semester)
  • Graduate Diploma- N200,000 (Per semester)
  • Advance Diploma- N180,000 (Per semester)
  • Diploma- N150,000 (Per semester)
  • Basic Certificate- N135,000 (Per semester)


Student Registration fees for standard ICM Awards and programmes are based on the country in which you will undertake your examinations. The current fees levels are as follows:

  • Group 1 – If you are based in Europe, an EU Member State, North America, a Gulf State, the Middle East, Australasia, Singapore, India, China, Hong Kong or Malaysia your Registration Fee will be £50.00 Pounds Sterling
  • Group 2 – If you are based in South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Central or South America, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Caribbean or North Africa your Registration Fee will be £25.00 Pounds Sterling
  • Registration Renewal Fees

    • Group 1 – £50.00 Pounds Sterling
    • Group 2 – £25.00 Pounds Sterling
    • Examination Entry Fees

      Examination Entry fees are shown on the appropriate Examination Entry form for the subject/programme you are undertaking. In general, the standard Examination Entry fees are as follows:
      • • Diploma Level Subjects – £26.00 Pounds Sterling
      • • Advanced Diploma Subjects – £26.00 Pounds Sterling
      • • Graduate Diploma Subjects – £26.00 Pounds Sterling
      • • All Professional Legal Studies Subjects – £35.00 Pounds Sterling
      • • All Legal Studies Single Subjects: – £35.00 Pounds Sterling
      • • Business Law – £26.00 Pounds Sterling
      • • All Single Subjects – £26.00 Pounds Sterling
      • • All Maritime Subjects – £35.00 Pounds Sterling
      • • Post Graduate Diploma in Management Subjects – £50.00 Pounds Sterling