Accelerate Your Career in Emerging Technology

Elevate your IT knowledge and career to the next level by getting Certified in Emerging Technology (CET)

With a hybrid of knowledge and performance-based training and testing, CET will add knowledge and skills you
can apply to a current or future role in IT audit, risk, security, governance, privacy and beyond. It’s ideal for anyone wishing to add to or refresh their foundational expertise in cloud computing, Blockchain, IoT or Artificial Intelligence. CET enables you to demonstrate practical understanding and real-world ability to perform tasks—a combination that will set you apart from others as you approach your next career goal.

What makes CET different?

Learn the fundamentals of Cloud, Blockchain, IoT and AI. Earn four knowledge and performance-enhancing certificates that stack up to earn you the ISACA® Certified in Emerging Technology™ (CET) certification. Prove your potential in IT by getting certified, gaining knowledge across the forefront of tech and accelerating your career with CET.

What you will learn with CET:

ISACA’s CET affirms you have what it takes to apply in-demand emerging tech expertise to your current or future role in IT audit, risk, security, cybersecurity, governance, privacy or business growth. Build and reinforce vital skills essential to leverage emerging technology and fast-track your career in IT.

  • Cloud Fundamentals
  • IOT Fundamentals
  • Blockchain Fundamentals
  • AI Fundamentals

How do I become CET certified?

Earning the CET certification requires no additional work experience—you just must pass each of the four certificate exams, then submit a completed application form and processing fee. Once certified, CET certification-holders maintain the certification by earning and reporting CPE credit hours annually and paying an annual maintenance fee.

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