From the DG's Office

It is a special pleasure to welcome you to the city which has been my home for over thirty years. During this period, thousands of National and International business issues and concerns have passed through my hands. Many were directly resolved and consolidated, and many more still on going.

As a professional cum business developer with outstanding records with global affiliations, my experiences in business needs and business cases are numerous. Effective transformation of business resources to capital is critical to business development and sustainability.

Truly, Onitsha is a known and fast-growing business/commercial city in West Africa. It is a distinctive gate way to business-oriented region of Nigeria – the South East Region. It is a world classified trade axis with a long-lasting record of Global Distributive Nature. (GDN)

Therefore, Onitsha Business School is primarily a critical platform for the building and development of capacities and capabilities within and around her host community. Additionally, the School delivers her packages and course facilitation patterns with global acceptable standards and procedures in terms of businesses and economics as well as politics and international relations.

The multicultural ambience of business relationships in Onitsha, and the divergent ethnic nature of Nigeria provides exposure to different ways of thinking, and students can learn from distinguished international professors as well as knowledgeable African faculties.

Onitsha Business School is a community of learning that promotes and nurtures intellectual, personal and professional development, leading to a life of purpose and distinction.

Education is an investment. We make sure it is a valuable one.

OBS combines liberal principles, practices and procedure in business education with strong career preparation. Simply put, it is a type of experience that emphasizes a unified approach to knowledge acquisition.

 Everything you do complements your education.

In our classes, you learn how to synthesize new ideas, communicate effectively, integrate new information and strengthen your writing skills. The often-overlooked components of an education will help you stand out in an increasingly demanding job market.

You won’t sit in a boardroom (not a classroom) and absorb information; you will be an active participant in the discussion and direction of your education.

Facilitators who know your strength, abilities and goals will help guide you along your individual path. If you think you can get this type of experience anywhere, reconsider. After your stay at OBS, you won’t be a business major. You will be an accomplished business professional. You will be whatever you want to be.

That’s the OBS value.

OBS develops its course and delivery pattern in collaboration with contemporary research oriented and world class institutions, to create new knowledge/skills and advance the practice of business management while increasing the critical capabilities/competencies and leadership potential of their students.

At OBS, the mission of each of the research units is to produce a pragmatic and innovative line research where the resultant body of knowledge can be immediately applied to all areas of activity within the community. These research units/centers are the most active units in terms of knowledge creation and development.

Therefore, if an international learning experience with domicile African concept in one of the continental’s most business result-oriented and exciting city is what you are looking for, then we welcome your application to join us in OBS

We look forward to welcoming you to our city.


Professor Olusegun ‘Dapo Sogbesan

Director General