CIPS Level 2 Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations

Your first step towards moving forward into an exciting new career

This is the ideal starting qualification for anyone new to the profession or anyone looking to aspire to move into a procurement and supply career. Based on the Tactical and Operational levels of our Global Standard, this qualification will help you to understand key facts, procedures and processes relevant for anyone aspiring to work in this profession.

The syllabus

The qualification is worth 18 credits and you’ll need to pass each exam to achieve the award. 

What are credits?
Credits are a way of quantifying the number of study hours you’ll need to complete the qualification. For each credit you should plan to dedicate 10 hours of study time. E.G for a 3 credit module you should plan for 30 hours studying and taking the exam.

Five core modules make up the required 18 credits.

  • CORE Level 2 Introducing Procurement and Supply (L2M1) 6 credits
  • CORE Level 2 Procurement and Supply Operations (L2M2) 3 credits
  • CORE Level 2 Stakeholder Relationships (L2M3) 3 credits
  • CORE Level 2 Systems Technology (L2M4) 3 credits
  • CORE Level 2 Inventory, Logistics and Expediting (L2M5) 3 credits